We have two sections one for cats and the other is for dogs. We provide walks and extra curricular activites daily between 8 am and 8 p. All of our boarding facilities feature air conditioning and heaters.

Dog with Food5 KD per Day
Dog without Food4 KD per Day
Cat with Food & Sand4 KD per Day
Cat without Food & Sand3 KD per Day


Dog30 KD
Bitch50 KD
Tom Cat21 KD
Queen40 KD
Declawing of cats50 KD


Includes shower and trimming nails, cleaning ears of dogs and cats and trimming the peaks and nail as well as wings of birds.

Dog shower depends on size10 KD, 12 KD, 15 KD
Dog Shaving depends on size10 KD, 12 KD, 15 KD
Dog Trimming Nails4 KD
Cat shower7 KD
Cog Shaving12 KD
Cat Trimming Nails3 KD